Artificial intelligence and algorithmic irresponsibility: The devil in the machine?

TechXplore  March 17, 2021
According to researchers in France AI tempts people to abandon judgment and moral responsibility by removing a range of decisions from our conscious minds, it crowds out judgment from a bewildering array of human activities. Without a proper understanding of how it does this we cannot circumvent its negative effects. With widespread access to granular data on human behavior harvested from social media, AI has permeated the key sectors of most developed economies. For tractable problems such as analyzing documents, it usually compares favorably with human alternatives that are slower and more error-prone, leading to enormous efficiency gains and cost reductions for those who adopt it. The judgmental aspect of choice is what allows humans to attribute responsibility. But as more complex and important choices are made, or at least driven, by AI, the attribution of responsibility becomes more difficult. And there is a risk that both public and private sector actors embrace this erosion of judgment and adopt AI algorithms to insulate themselves from blame…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

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