Direct coherent multi-ink printing of fabric supercapacitors  January 29, 2021
Fiber-shaped supercapacitors are a desirable high-performance energy storage technology for wearable electronics. The traditional method for device fabrication is based on a multistep approach to construct energy devices, which can present challenges during fabrication, scalability, and durability. An international team of researchers (China, USA – University of Colorado, Carnegie Mellon University, Singapore) has developed an all-in-one coaxial fiber-shaped asymmetric supercapacitor (FASC) device using direct coherent multi-ink writing, 3-D printing technology by designing the internal structure of the coaxial needles and regulating the rheological property and feed rates of the multi-ink. The device delivered a superior areal energy and power density with outstanding mechanical stability. The team integrated FASC with mechanical units and pressure sensors to realize high performance and self-powered mechanical devices to monitor systems. The new technique overcomes challenges posed by the traditional method namely, multistep fabrication, scalability and durability…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE  1 Open Access,  Open Access 3 ,

Diagrammatic drawing of the fabrication process of various FASC devices. Credit: Science Advances 15 Jan 2021: Vol. 7, no. 3, eabd6978

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