Capturing Free-Space Optical Light for High-Speed WiFi

Duke University  February 9, 2021
Visible and infrared light can carry more data than radio waves, but has always been confined to a hard-wired, fiber-optic cable. A team of researchers in the US (Duke University, industry) has demonstrated a low-loss plasmonic metasurface that can collect fast-modulated light with a 3 dB bandwidth exceeding 14 GHz and a 120º acceptance angle and convert it to a directional source with an overall efficiency of ∼30%. This exhibits a 910-fold increase in the overall fluorescence and a 133-fold emission rate enhancement. The metasurface was created over macroscopic areas with scalable techniques and the performance was validated over centimeter-scale regions. Applications range from optoelectronics and biosensing to visible/near-infrared wireless communications…read more. Open Access  TECHNICAL ARTICLE 

Sample schematic and characterization… Credit: Optica Vol. 8, Issue 2, pp. 202-207 (2021)

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