Blueprint for fault-tolerant qubits

EurekAlert  February 18, 2021
The application of active error correction in a quantum computer is very complex and comes with an extensive use of hardware. An international team of researchers (Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands) has proposed a design for a circuit with passive error correction. The circuit is designed in such a way that it is already inherently protected against environmental noise while still controllable. The concept thus bypasses the need for active stabilization in a highly hardware-efficient manner and would therefore be a promising candidate for a future large-scale quantum processor that has many qubits. By implementing a gyrator – a two port device that couples current on one port to voltage on the other – in between two superconducting devices could waive the demand of active error detection and stabilization: when cooled down, the qubit is inherently protected against common types of noise…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE¬†

Proposed hardware implementation of the QEC code…Credit: Phys. Rev. X 11, 011032, 17 February 2021

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