New type of superconductor identified

Science Daily  September 21, 2020
Strontium ruthenate (Sr2RuO4) has stood as the leading candidate for a spin-triplet superconductor for 26 years. Using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy an international team of researchers (USA – Cornell University, Florida State University, Germany, Japan) measured the entire symmetry-resolved elastic tensor Sr2RuO4 through the superconducting transition. They found a thermodynamic discontinuity in the shear elastic modulus which implies that the superconducting order parameter has two components, a two-component p-wave order parameter. As this order parameter appears to have been precluded by recent NMR experiments, they suggest that two other two-component order parameters are now the prime candidates for the order parameter of Sr2RuO4. The researchers have discovered a possible third type: g-wave…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

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