Underused part of the electromagnetic spectrum gets optics boost from metamaterial

Phys.org  July 14, 2020
Terahertz radiation potentially has applications in next-generation wireless communications (6G/7G), security systems, biomedicine, etc. because of the lack of appropriate materials and sophisticated optical components for flexible control of terahertz waves. Researchers in Japan have engineered a 2.28-µm ultra-thin terahertz metasurface collimator with a high directivity of 4.6 times consisting of 339 pairs of meta-atoms compared with a single terahertz continuous-wave source. The metasurface exhibits an extremely high refractive index of 15.0 and a low reflectance of 15.5% at 3.0 THz. It should facilitate ground-breaking applications such as arbitrary phase converters, solid immersion lenses, and cloaking…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Terahertz metasurface ultra-thin collimator for power enhancement Credit: Takehito Suzuki, TUAT

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