Shells and grapefruits inspire first manufactured non-cuttable material

Science Daily  July 20, 2020
An international team of researchers (UK, Germany) has created a bio-inspired metallic cellular structure (with an internal grid of large ceramic segments). It is non-cuttable by an angle grinder and a power drill, and it has only 15% steel density. The architecture derives its extreme hardness from the local resonance between the embedded ceramics in a flexible cellular matrix and the attacking tool, which produces high-frequency vibrations at the interface. The contrast between the ceramic segments and cellular material was also effective against a waterjet cutter because the convex geometry of the ceramic spheres. Shifting the design paradigm from static resistance to dynamic interactions between the material phases and the applied load could inspire novel, metamorphic materials with pre-programmed mechanisms across different length scales…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Hierarchical structure of the proposed metallic-ceramic meta-material… Credit: Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 11539 (2020)

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