Scientists strengthen quantum building blocks in milestone critical for scale-up  July 20, 2020
Spin-orbit qubits coherence have shown limited coherence times, far too short for quantum technologies. An international team of researchers (Australia, Japan, Germany) has demonstrated that increasing the strength of that spin-orbit coupling lets us achieve significantly longer coherence times. They showed ultra-long coherence times of 10 ms for holes where spin–orbit coupling yields quantized total angular momentum. They focused on holes bound to boron acceptors in bulk silicon 28, whose wavefunction symmetry can be controlled through crystal strain, allowing direct control over the longitudinal electric dipole that causes decoherence. These results open a pathway to develop new artificial quantum systems and to improve the functionality and scalability of spin-based quantum technologies…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

The circular orbit of the charged electron and the spin are locked together like gears due to the very strong attraction in the spin-orbit coupling. Credit: Takashi Kobayashi

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