New technique separates industrial noise from natural seismic signals

EurekAlert  May 19, 2020
In the past, human-caused seismic signals, as a result of industrial activities, were viewed as ‘noise’ that polluted a dataset, resulting in otherwise useful data being dismissed. A team of researchers in the US (Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Washington) used a year’s worth of data from more than 1,700 seismic stations in the contiguous United States and detected approximately 1.5 million industrial noise sequences, which corresponds on average to around 2.4 detections per day at each station. With cloud computing that allows for greater scalability and flexibility, they were able to analyze large-scale seismic data ten times faster than traditional computing…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE¬† 1 , 2

Map of detected industrial noise across the contiguous United States. Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory

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