The Bioacoustic Signatures of Our Bodies Can Reveal Our Identities

IEEE Spectrum  November 4, 2019
A team of researchers in South Korea is exploring whether the unique bioacoustic signatures created as sound waves pass through humans can be used to identify individuals. They developed a bioacoustic frequency spectroscopy system and applied it to the fingers to obtain information on the anatomy, biomechanics, and biomaterial properties of the tissues. The modulated microvibrations propagated through our body could capture a unique spectral trait of a person and the biomechanical transfer characteristics persisted for two months and resulted in 97.16% accuracy of identity authentication in 41 subjects. In the current version it does not yet match the accuracy of fingerprints or iris scans. The team plans to add additional sensors to the system to boost its accuracy. However, the technique is so accurate at analyzing tissues, the team is now exploring ways to use it for diagnosing musculoskeletal disease…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Conceptual diagram of bioacoustics identity authentication. Credit Photo: Joo Yong Sim/ETRI

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