How the United States Is Developing Post-Quantum Cryptography

IEEE Spectrum  September 6, 2019
NIST is overseeing the second phase of its Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process to narrow down the best candidates for quantum-resistant algorithms that can replace modern cryptography. At the Second PQC Standardization Conference 26 candidate algorithms were selected. The algorithms fall into two general categories – the first category includes key-establishment algorithms that enable two parties that have never met to agree on a shared secret, the second category involves algorithms for digital signatures that ensure the authenticity of data. Both categories require new algorithms based upon mathematical problems which even quantum computers couldn’t crack. NIST plans to draft the standards for post-quantum cryptography around 2022. But researchers have urged the agency to avoid rushing the process of vetting all the candidate algorithms…read more.

Credit: Natasha Hanacek/NIST

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