A USB stick? In the distant future, a little powder should suffice

Nanowerk  October 29, 2018
Researchers in Belgium developed a chemical process that allowed information, such as a piece of text or a QR code, to be stored in powder form. This information can then be read out by means of a biochemical method of analysis. They wrote two programs to make the processing of information run fast and automatically. The first program makes sure that the data on the molecules can be analysed in seconds, the second program automates the translation process from the QR code to the molecules and vice versa. That is how the information stored in the molecules can in fact link directly to a website, a city map or an app… read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE¬†

Schematic representation of the QR code conversion. Credit: Nature Communications volume 9, Article number: 4451 (2018)

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