Research & Development Program Management

Sciligent simultaneously supports multiple R&D funding agencies in the defense and intelligence sectors in assessing the quality and content of their research portfolio, determining if it is optimally aligned with their mission objectives, and recommending changes that produce the highest likelihood for technology transition. Sciligent strongly focuses on research programs supporting data science, technology forecasting, machine learning and natural language processing.

We use Ph.D.-level Subject Matter Experts (SME) who are highly trained in the management, analysis, guidance, and ideation of research and development programs.  Resumes listing security clearance levels are available upon request to US Government agencies or contractors only.

New Program Ideation

Originate ideas, objectives and milestones for new research projects

Execute the Heilmeier Catechism

Briefing Preparation

Develop technical slides in MS Powerpoint for clients to use in their briefings

Subject Matter Expert Assessments

Assess the quality of research projects based on our opinion as Ph.D.-trained experts in the field

Technical Areas Covered...

Workshop & Symposium Planning

Identify experts for science & engineering workshops, draft agendas and moderate breakout discussions

Technical Portfolio Analysis

Assess and evaluate research programs in a program managers's, office's or agency's portfolio to determine if it comprehensively satisfies mission goals

Technical Writing

Draft scientific and technical descriptions of existing or proposed research projects usable in solicitations or reviews

Technology Transition

Plan and assist in execution of transitioning lower-tier technology programs to higher-tier programs by evaluating transition partners

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)