Science & Technology Consulting

Science & Technology Analytics

Sciligent specializes in applying scientometric and bibliometric methods for extracting key insights in the development of emerging technologies. Using science and technology indicators and the activities of organizations and sponsors, as discovered through their scientific publications or patents, Sciligent develops predictive assessments of how these emerging technologies will affect U.S. national security as well as strategic recommendations on exploiting their advantages or mitigating their impact.

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Research & Development Portfolio Analysis

Sciligent simultaneously supports multiple R&D funding agencies in the defense and intelligence sectors in assessing the quality and content of their research portfolio, determining if it is optimally aligned with their mission objectives, and recommending changes that produce the highest likelihood for technology transition. Sciligent strongly focuses on research programs supporting data science, technology forecasting, machine learning and natural language processing.

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Data Science Consulting

Data Science Consulting & Tool Development

Sciligent’s approach to creating customized solutions to unique client problems is through leveraging various cutting-edge open-source data science tools while developing the programming code to bring these elements together in an environment that supports open-ended analysis of the client’s use cases. These methods include implementing algorithms found in the academic literature, operationalizing research-grade toolkits in a user environment, and developing customized dashboard interfaces for open-source data science platforms.

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Statistical Modeling and Data Analytics

Sciligent has proven expertise in using statistical methods for analyzing data streams that include mathematical modeling and simulation with physics-based or socio-economic models, statistical inference and machine learning methods for natural language processing, and the development of bibliometric and scientometric indicators for technology forecasting.

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