Sciligent Products

We are currently in the early stages of product development and testing for a few different information products. Experimentation with productizing our core services is underway.

S&T News Bulletin

Every week, we editorially select the best S&T stories released from major news outlets.  These stories are then ranked and posted (with appropriate credit and references to the originals) on our Blog by Friday afternoon.  Hema Viswanath curates this content and has been doing so for ASDR&E's Office of Net Technical Assessments and Office of Technical Intelligence for over seven years before performing the same work for us.  Currently, we are experimenting with distributing this content through a free, advertising-supported model.  We intend to continue experimenting using paywalls, direct e-mail subscriptions and donations.  Hosting this content is important to us and we would like to retain it on at least a revenue-neutral basis.  We are also experimenting with enriching the content to make it more relevant to our Government clients.

Example Work Products

The majority of the analyses we produce for our clients cannot be shared, but here are a few examples of products that we've generated for them, or in conjunction with them. These are representative demonstrations of our capabilities and can be downloaded and distributed freely.

TechSight Snapshot Reports

While we are no longer providing contractor support to the Office of Net Technical Assessments (ONTA) of ASD(R&E) (now USDR&E), we are proud of the work we performed and are pleased to share some of the products that have been cleared for publicly release.  Over the course of several months in 2017, we helped ONTA develop several bibliometric reports on key emerging technologies using their TechSight system.  These TechSight Snapshot Reports were cleared for public release and sent to S&T News Bulletin readers and TechSight users on a monthly cycle.  After receiving multiple inquiries about where these can be found, we decided to upload the entirety of our work here so that they are accessible to everyone.   These reports were a group effort, and we share that credit with our co-authors: Ryan Zelnio, Dave Byrd and Danielle Paynter

ROC Curve Analysis

Part of the services we offer is advanced data analysis.  Many types of statistical data analyses are agnostic to the field of study, and require only the proper interpretation of the scientific experiments performed in order to be implemented effectively.  Here, we present an example (with sensitive details omitted) of work we perform for clients at small R&D companies who need to outsource data analyses when their staff are overloaded and do not have the time to research and develop expertise in a particular type of data analysis, especially if it may not be used in the future.  In such cases, it is often both time and cost efficient to use our services to deliver a scientific analysis.  Additionally, it can often be to the benefit of a company conducting a study to submit the data to that study for evaluation by an independennt 3rd party in order to build their credibility when representing their data to skeptical customers. In this example, a presentation was delivered to the client, briefing them of the analytical method we employed, the results, and their recommendation.  While these sensitive details were omitted, this is a representative example of the analyses we carry out.  Download the example presentation and check it out for yourself.