• Statistical Common Author Networks (SCAN) (most recent article on bibliometrics)

Areas of Technical Expertise

Our Ph.D.-level experts are trained in several technical areas and have published their work in top tier peer-reviewed journals. They use their skill and knowledge to provide top-quality consulting services.


Familiar with many modern bibliometric methods, as well as development of novel methods such as Statistical Common Author Networks (SCAN)

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Assists the US Government with research investment decisions in optical and radio-frequency metamaterials efforts


Ph.D.-training in Chemistry provides a broad physical sciences background in materials, analytical methods, theoretical techniques and computational tools

Specific emphasis in photophysical processes in nanomaterials...

Instrument Design

Designed, built and programmed a low-cost white LED-based photoconductivity instrument.

Infrared Materials

Assist the US Government with research investment decisions in infrared photodetector materials and infrared emitters

Applied Nanoscience

Unconventional approaches to nanomaterials: Photothermal melting of dilute, quantum dot-doped thin polymer films to enhance energy transfer through resonant coupling for all-optical write-once-read-many (WORM) memory.

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Blinking & Brightening in Quantum Dots

Laser micro-photoluminescence revealed intensity-dependent relationship of blinking and photobrightening in small clusters of quantum dots

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Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Developed an unconventional technique for using an off-the-shelf handheld airbrush to spray-deposit a custom formulation of photovoltaic paint based on semiconductor nanorods. Produced nanometer-thin, uniform films that functioned successfully as photovoltaic cells to provide on-demand, portable solar power for the warfighter

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Quantum Dot Nanocomposites

Directed assembly of optical nanomaterials shows carefully engineered control of resonance effects induces ultrafast energy transfer in nanocomposite materials composed of semiconductor quantum dots coupled to either metal nanocrystals or conjugated polymers

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Electronic Energy Transfer

Formulated the theory for Nanometal Surface Energy Transfer (NSET) which describes how DNA/nanometal-based bioconjugates achieve unprecedented long-distance measurements as optical rulers

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Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy

One of the first observations of the surface-trapped charged exciton in CdSe quantum dots

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