How can Sciligent help you?

Our cleared Ph.D.-level consulting team of data scientists can help your organization make evidence-based decisions, especially if you do R&D management or S&T analysis.


We help you mine your data for insight by processing it through an analytic pipeline that is custom-designed to your needs.


We clean, normalize and enrich your data. Then we load it into the database system of your choice.

  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) scripts automatically format and load your data into the database
  • Data Cleanup and Normalization eliminate data quality and integrity issues
  • Entity Resolution and Disambiguation algorithms resolve ambiguous entities in your data
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) creates stemmed keyword tokens out of unstructured text
  • more...


We apply the right computational processes and algorithms to dissect your data.

  • Semantic Clustering slices up your data into thematically related clusters
  • Topic Modeling identifies the major topics and themes in your data
  • Network Analysis identifies meaningful patterns in the connections in your data
  • Machine Learning & Classification identifies statistical patterns in your data then fills gaps or expedites data collection
  • more...


We select the optimal data visualizations, then organize them into a dashboard for you.

  • Network Graphs allow you to track and follow the relationships and connections in your data
  • Sankey Diagrams let you understand how your data is transformed as it moves from one form to another
  • Heatmaps allow you to understand the cross-correlations in your data
  • Dashboards provide an efficient way to view multiple visualizations at a glance
  • more...


We help you draw insight from the analysis and interpret the results clearly.

  • Analytic Insight in extracting meaningful interpretations of the visualizations comes from our in-depth experience in data science
  • Powerpoint Briefings can be created containing all of the meaningful and relevant analytical results
  • Written Reports describe the entire analytical process and justifications for the interpretations
  • Training Briefings can be developed to help you learn the appropriate analytical methodology
  • more...


Sciligent provides consulting in S&T analytics, bibliometrics, technology forecasting and statistical modeling by helping their Government clients shape future R&D programs, manage their current S&T portfolios, and develop scientometric tools that ultimately inform executive decision-making. Sciligent’s core expertise is in leveraging recent academic advancements in scientometrics and open-source analytics to optimally select effective solutions to Government client problems, and then implement those solutions in the form either of custom software or analytic reports from their derived insight.  Sciligent provides a diversity of support to the Government, drawn from their history of simultaneously supporting multiple agencies in the Government S&T community: from guiding Government research programs utilizing machine learning to forecast S&T evolution, to developing predictive statistical models for emerging technologies and developing technical risk mitigation plans, to architecting software on Government IT systems that implement the latest analytic methods in scientometrics.  It is this combination of deep academic expertise, a broad perspective of Government S&T challenges, and the capacity to deliver enduring software solutions in the very small but strategically important area of S&T intelligence that Sciligent brings to every engagement.


Sciligent offers multiple consulting services and information products that focus on S&T Analysis


Sciligent, LLC is a science and technology consultancy located in the DC metropolitan area and was founded in 2013 by Dr. Artjay Javier. We specialize in applying quantitative, statistical methods in the strategic analysis of science and technology-related activities and events. "Sciligent" is a portmanteau of "Science Intelligence" which emphasizes the key role of understanding and measuring the progress of the global science and technology enterprise as a potential information source contributing to the prediction of emerging technologies and their disruptive impacts on industry and government. All Sciligent consultants supporting the government have PhD-level scientific domain expertise as well as 10+ years of experience advising on technical and programmatic strategy for the US government.